The Mind-Body Connection

Our thoughts elicit bodily responses. Increased heart rate, shortness of breath, “butterflies” in the stomach, muscular rigidity, sweating, and shaking are a few responses we have to fear. We can also experience reduced heart rate, deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles and more with a pleasurable thought. We feel what we think. The brain and the body work together. What the brain the believes the body will experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consultations can be between an hour  to an hour and a half, successive sessions around an hour. 

This is dependent on your needs and wants. All sessions are formed around you and what we discuss during consultation. 

All hypnosis, Is self hypnosis, so if you want to be, you can and will be. Sessions are client centric, meaning I base what we do on your needs and preparedness. I know the signs to look for and can tell if you are hypnotized, and will work with you to get where you’d like to be. 

Absolutely, I grew up and raised my family in a rural setting, my business is in a small town. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to me! 

The human body was designed to heal. We all develop neural pathways over time, new connections can be made, this has to do with neural plasticity. Hypnotherapy can activate the necessary parts of the brain resulting in rapid changes, that tend to last. 

Children respond well to hypnosis due to their imaginative nature. 

I have worked with pre-teens, however consultation is necessary. 

When you wake up from a sleep, you know you have slept. Sleep and hypnosis show different brain wave patterns. Under hypnosis we can speak, reply and hear the hypnotherapist, there is awareness. 

No specific mystical feeling of being hypnotized exists, and our minds are not under ‘control’. It is important to educate yourself prior, and ask me questions during consultation if I don’t ask you! 

No. Actually, hypnosis creates more focus, less distraction, and the ability to constructively use the brain. This in turn allows for a shift to achieve goals and improve well-being, health, boundaries and more. 

The misconception about ‘control’ seems to have originated from the entertainment known as stage hypnosis, where people agree to do what they want to do on stage. There are no similarities to hypnotherapy. 

There is no chance of this. No hypnosis is indefinite, you come out within a short time frame. You can choose to come out or ignore suggestions at any time. 

Hypnosis assists in recall of perceptions, not truth. The recall of perception of events can be improved. There is no guarantee that they are correct. 


An educated and experienced hypnotherapist can help you move forward on your journey, however it is important to remember that one session layers on the next. Single sessions are generally appropriate for situational stress relief or follow up.

If needed we can discuss FCSS subsidies if you are a resident of Didsbury or Carstairs.

Consultations: Free

The number of sessions that may be needed can be discussed in the free consultation.

Individual Sessions: $150

Four Sessions: $400

Five Sessions: $500

Six Sessions: $600

Ready To Take On Your Challenges Together?

If you're curious about the experience of working with me or interested in understanding my approach, I offer complimentary consultations, both in person and over the phone. Feel free to reach out; I'm here to help you on your journey to a more fulfilling life.