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I help people who wish to feel more connected mind, body and spirit and move forward in life with the power that exists within them

We hear it all the time, “live in the moment ” but are we actually doing that?

Many find themselves dwelling on negatives and worrying about the future or even waiting for the perfect time. What does this do to our thoughts and invariably our bodies? Mind and body are connected.

My particular focus is on aiding people grappling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. If you’ve ever experienced difficulty sleeping, found yourself in relationships that don’t respect your needs, shouldered responsibility for others’ disappointment, struggled to seek assistance, grappled with boundary issues, isolated yourself, placed others’ needs above your own, felt indecisive, or experienced unexplained physical discomfort, unresolved past trauma might be at the root. Through the integration of somatic components (the emotional response patterns with physical sensations) and clinical hypnotherapy, I can guide you towards greater clarity and understanding of your past experiences and the path forward.

Hypnotherapy Over Time

Although hypnotherapy has its roots in ancient times, it has been accepted as a valuable form of treatment. It is used to treat pain management, emotional ailments and restore well being by dentists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and councillors. It is also used to help people in all walks of life to maximize their full potential, including actors, athletes, public speakers and more.

How Does It Work?

It allows the therapist to work with the subconscious mind which is where memories and beliefs are stored. This allows for a change in patterns of thought, limiting beliefs, destructive habits and improves mental and physical functioning. There is no hypnosis that is not self hypnosis. We go into a natural state of hypnosis regularly throughout our day.

Ready To Take On Your Challenges Together?

If you’re curious about the experience of working with me or interested in understanding my approach, I offer complimentary consultations, both in person and over the phone. Feel free to reach out; I’m here to help you on your journey to a more fulfilling life.